October 27, 2022

Five Signs That You Should Get Help With Anxiety

According to The National Institute of Mental Health, some anxiety sufferers may be in denial of how detrimental their anxiety has become. And still, others may not understand that there is help and treatment out there for their anxiety-related issues.

The five signs

When your anxiety is affecting your physical health. There is no doubt that stress and anxiety can beat up your body. And if you have an already existing illness or medical condition, anxiety disorders can exacerbate your symptoms so that you remain unwell. If your anxiety is causing you to become physically ill, it is time to seek treatment.

When your anxiety is affecting your work. If you are finding that you are missing a lot of days from work, frequently calling in late, or having trouble performing the routine tasks of your job, it may be time to get some help. It is critical that you make an attempt to do something about your anxiety before it adversely affects your job or future career opportunities.

When your anxiety is affecting your relationships. One way to know that your anxiety is out of control is when friends, family members, and loved ones begin to worry about you. There are many ways in which anxiety can adversely affect a relationship. These adverse effects can include constant worry manifesting as jealousy of your romantic partner, avoiding friends and family at social events, and communication problems.

When you are using drugs and/or alcohol to self-medicate. Many people suffer from anxiety and use drugs or alcohol to self-treat their anxiety symptoms. But of course, the problem is that they are developing a possibly life-threatening addiction. If you are suffering from anxiety and addiction, it is time to get help.

When anxiety is causing you to miss out on life. If you are no longer able to enjoy everyday life or participate in day-to-day activities and pleasures, then it is absolutely time that you get some help for your disorder. If you are finding that your anxiety has caused you to feel trapped, isolated, and fearful daily, then it is time to take action.

There is no shame

Remember that there is no shame in having an anxiety disorder. There are many people who are battling their anxiety on a day-to-day basis. And we can remove some of the stigma of mental illness by talking about anxiety disorders more openly. The bottom line is that you don’t need to be a prisoner to your anxiety. There is hope, support, and treatment.

Getting help

Anxiety disorders are very treatable. Many people experience meaningful symptom relief and improved quality of life with professional care. An experienced provider will conduct a comprehensive assessment before discussing an individualized treatment plan.

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