Remble Health Solutions

A Comprehensive Approach to Mental Health and Addiction Recovery

Our mission is to expand mental health and addiction recovery support

through technology-driven, empathetic care, ensuring accessibility and personalization at every level.

Remble App

A 24/7 mental health companion to improve mental wellness, accelerate recovery, reduce isolation, and lower crisis risk.

  • Homework Center: A centralized platform for clients to access therapist-recommended assessments and homework, complete with notification reminders to encourage adherence and progress.
  • On-demand Library: Access to over 150 video courses alongside hundreds of therapeutic tools such as breathwork, coping skills, journaling, meditations, and more.
  • AI Chat Support: Mia, our AI chatbot, offers round-the-clock assistance in over 90 languages, ensuring help is always available.
  • Virtual Peer Support: Targeted 1:1 support, including escalation protocols with Remble Health peer support specialists.

Provider Assistant for Therapists, Case Managers, and Peer Support Specialists

Developed by clinicians, we’ve harnessed the power of AI to provide comprehensive tools and resources to improve provider competency and save time.
  • Gather insights on client progress through digital assessments, enabling care teams to tailor interventions more accurately and efficiently.
  • Create personalized resources and psychoeducational materials for clients.
  • Clarify diagnostic criteria and treatment options.
  • Discover new activities and interventions, best practices, and clinical guidelines.

Data and Analytics Features

  • Mental Health Data Storage: Utilizes a robust data lake solution for effective data aggregation and scalability, ensuring data is accessible and secure for analysis and reporting.
  • Custom API for Mental Health: Facilitates seamless integration and management of healthcare data, enhancing care coordination.
  • Mental Health BI Connector: Allows for connecting Business Intelligence tools to mental healthcare data, enabling insightful analytics.
  • Predictive Analysis: Offers advanced tools for predictive insights into healthcare risks and outcomes, optimizing care strategies.

Future Pathways

Remble Health's Digital Therapeutics (DTx) Journey

Remble Health is on a transformative path to innovate digital therapeutics for mental health over the next three years. This venture aligns with our core values of innovation and enhancing mental healthcare and marks a significant evolution in our approach to comprehensive support for mental health disorders.

Central to our strategy is a dual approach that integrates digital and therapeutic disciplines, leveraging AI and evidence-based content within our platform to work alongside professional care. This synergy aims to create an effective, accessible support system that enhances symptom management and guides individuals toward wellness. Further details on the specific disorders targeted will be disclosed soon.

Powering Better Mental Health Care, Together

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