Transforming Mental Health Care for Government and the Tribal Health Sector

Accessible and culturally sensitive
mental health care

Remble partners with government and tribal sectors, leveraging digital innovation and 24/7 app support to enhance mental health care, reduce crises, and promote community well-being.

A Partner to governments and various departments

Remble works with different governments and tribal nations.
  • Health and Human Services
  • Behavioral/Mental Health
  • Corrections (Jails/Prisons/Diversion/Court Systems)
  • Child, Youth, and Family
  • Veteran Services
  • Tribal Health Centers
  • Medicaid/Managed Care Organizations

App features (for users)

  • Mia, our conversational chatbot offers personalized guidance and coping strategies in 90+ languages 
  • 150+ therapist-designed single-session and multi-day video courses
  • Self-guided tools like breathwork, coping skills, meditation, journaling, and more
  • Daily bite-sized video tips from licensed therapists

AI-Assisted provider features

  • Create personalized resources and psychoeducational materials
  • Clarify diagnostic criteria and treatment options
  • Learn best practices, interventions and clinical guidelines
  • Connect with a virtual community of clinicians for support (coming soon)

Our Commitment

Culturally-Competent Mental Health Support
We work collaboratively to ensure cultural sensitivity, inclusivity,
and diversity in our mental health care delivery.
Community Well-Being
We recognize that mental health is not just an individual concern
but is interconnected with the social fabric and overall vitality of the community.
Bridge Gaps and Increase Accessibility
24/7 app-based assistance bridges gaps in remote and underserved areas,
minimizes crises and promotes overall well-being.
Support for Mental Health Providers
We integrate evidence-based practices and advanced AI technology
to empower providers and improve treatment outcomes.

Discover the future of mental health care with Remble

Together, we'll create a lasting legacy that benefits countless individuals and communities.

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