Remble helps Organizations improve employee wellbeing and productivity with reduced absenteeism

24/7 Self-Guided Mental Health Support

A rising mental health crisis in the workplace is severely undermining job satisfaction, productivity, and well-being


of employees say their mental well-being has declined in the past year


of employees say mental health affects their productivity


of employees with a mental illness report it’s challenging to access care


of employees believe their employer cares about their well-being

Remble Health

The majority of employees with mental health conditions suffer alone and fail to get the care they need. 

Employee barriers to receiving mental health support include:
  • Privacy concerns.
  • High costs (the average cost of a 1-hour therapy session is $100-200). 
  • Limited accessibility: Long waitlists and limited session counts.
  • Stigma.
  • Limited availability outside of the workday.
Only 2-3% of eligible employees use a traditional EAP.

Focused, Present, and Productive Employees is Your Goal
– and Ours, Too

We know healthier and happier employees can mean fewer missed days from work, improved productivity, reduced overall healthcare costs, and lower turnover. Remble gives your employees and their families access to expert advice so they can get back to a healthier, more productive state.

Remble app for managers and employees

We empower employees with self-guided mental health resources, tools, and support

  • On-demand library with 150+ therapist-designed video courses.
  • Hundreds of self-guided therapeutic tools such as breathwork, coping skills, meditation, journaling, and more. 
  • Mia, our conversational AI chatbot offers personalized guidance and coping strategies in 90+ languages.
  • Daily bite-sized video tips from licensed therapists. 
  • Daily wellness check-ins. 
  • Tailored to each employee through an assessment and personalized plan. 

Easily Integrate with Your Existing Programs

Fast to Implement, Secure, and Easy to Use. Remble can be easily deployed on its own or as part of another initiative. Employees never need to provide personal data to take advantage of Remble, so they can browse anonymously and confidentially.
  • Employees log in anonymously and securely.
  • Unlimited usage for employees and family members.
  • Launch in just a few weeks.

Our Commitment and Approach

24/7 access to quality, therapist-designed content and chat support. Anytime, anywhere, and on any device.
Utilization tracking for insights and action planning.
A dedicated account manager to ensure alignment with organizational goals and individual needs.
100% private, confidential and secure (no stigma).

Ready to bring on-demand mental health support to your organization?

We work collaboratively with your team to meet the unique needs of your organization.