Remble helps Payors by providing preventative solutions and data-driven insights

Remble Health

Strategic Partnerships with Insurance Companies for Enhanced Member Health Outcomes

Innovative 24/7 Hybrid Support for Managed Care and Commercial Insurance

We are pioneering digital mental health and addiction recovery support for Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) and commercial insurers. Our 24/7 hybrid support model integrates AI technology, therapist-created content, and virtual peer support, which reduces crises, alleviates member isolation, and promotes proactive mental wellness engagement.

Empowering Insurers to Provide Direct, Flexible Access to Care

We provide adaptable solutions tailored to the needs of insurance-based programs, ensuring members have access to timely support, guidance, and resources to prevent crises before they escalate. Our proactive approach reduces emergency room visits and healthcare costs through preventative support options.

Comprehensive Support for Members

Preventative Solutions
Our preventative solutions offer self-guided support through 24/7 chat and evidence-based resources for individuals not currently receiving mental health care. This proactive approach aims to keep members out of crisis and improve their mental well-being.
Data-Driven Insights
Our platform offers valuable data analytics and reporting tools for informed decision-making and continuous improvement in care delivery.
Additional Support for Active Treatment
For members already receiving mental health services, we provide supplementary support between sessions. This additional assistance aims to keep them engaged in treatment, enhance recovery time, and improve overall outcomes.

Together, we can provide accessible, preventative mental health care to enhance your members well-being