Remble helps the Public Sector improve population health with expanded access to mental health support

Partnering with State, County, and City Governments for Comprehensive Mental Health and Addiction Recovery Support

Our innovative 24/7 hybrid support model expands mental health and addiction recovery support, preventing crises and improving population health.

Remble Health

We collaborate with the following markets:

  • State level Initiatives: Health Plans, Health & Human Services, Behavioral/Mental Health, Substance Use Recovery, Social Services, Corrections, Courts, Child, Youth, and Family Services, Education, Medicaid (MCOs), and Veterans Services.
  • County Services: Health & Human Services, Behavioral/Mental Health, Substance Use Recovery, Social Services, Law Enforcement, and Courts.
  • Tribal Nations: Administration, Health & Human Services, and Education.
  • Educational Institutions: Universities, Colleges, and Schools.

Empowering Governments to Offer Direct, Flexible Access to Care

Through Remble, governmental entities can offer direct and effective 24/7 preventative mental health support to their populations.
Our platform helps to:
Reduce Crises
By providing accessible support channels, we help mitigate crises and decrease reliance on emergency room visits and law enforcement interventions.
Improve Population Health
Our comprehensive approach to mental health and addiction recovery promotes overall wellness and resilience within communities.
Enhance Efficiency
With our technology-driven solutions, governments can streamline service delivery, optimize resource allocation, and improve outcomes.

Enhancing Impact

Insights, Training, and Collaboration.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Our platform provides valuable data analytics and reporting tools, empowering governments to make informed decisions and assess the impact of their mental health and addiction recovery initiatives.
  • Customized Programs: Tailored to specific public health initiatives, our solutions are adaptable to meet the unique needs of each government entity.
  • Increased access to care: Our AI directly confronts gaps in mental health provision, actively battling stigma and connecting overlooked minorities and underrepresented groups to helpful resources.
  • Integration with Public Health Systems: Our solutions integrate seamlessly with existing public health infrastructure, enhancing community well-being and supporting public health goals.

Together, we can pave the way for accessible preventative mental health care and build healthier, more resilient communities.