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Remble App for Clients

We enhance clients support beyond outpatient visits, providing 24/7 assistance without extra staff. This boosts treatment adherence, lowers crisis risk, and accelerates progress.
  • On-demand library with 150+ video courses and hundreds of therapeutic tools such as breathwork, coping skills, journaling, and more.
  • AI chat, Mia, available 24/7 in 90+ languages.
  • Virtual peer community with anonymous discussion forums, moderated by peer support specialists with escalation protocols (coming soon!).
  • Homework center for easy access to therapist-recommended assessments and homework, with notification reminders (coming soon!).

Provider Assistant

Empowers Providers. Saves Time. Improves Outcomes.

We’ve harnessed the power of AI to provide comprehensive training and resources to improve provider competency and save time.
  • Create personalized resources and psychoeducational materials
  • Clarify diagnostic criteria and treatment options
  • Learn best practices, interventions and clinical guidelines
  • Gather insights on client progress through digital assessments (coming soon!)
  • Send homework, personalized resources, and reminder notifications to clients to improve treatment adherence and client outcomes (coming soon!)
  • Close gaps in care.
  • Reduce provider burnout.
  • Enhance provider competency and efficiency.
  • Improve client treatment adherence and clinical outcomes.
  • Reduce the number of crisis calls.

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Powering Better Mental Health Care, Together

We offer partnerships with agencies, clinics, and practice groups.

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