October 20, 2022

Bringing a Newborn Home

Your new baby has finally arrived, and it’s time to bring your little one home.

As you look down at this innocent little face, you may feel overwhelmed by the new responsibilities that come with this bundle of joy. Feeding, bathing, diapering, and dressing an infant are all skills that must be mastered. 

Bringing baby home

To help you feel more comfortable in the first few days after bringing your baby home, here are some tips that will help.

●  Be sure to always hold the baby’s head and neck – newborns can’t hold their heads for at least a month after birth.

●  Very young babies feel afraid of falling or being dropped. To help them feel secure, hold them close to your body.

●  Give your baby a chance to get used to your touch before you move and lift them.

●  Bathing is a good time for you to be close to the baby. You don’t have to give them a full bath every day, but you should clean the diaper area daily with a washcloth.

●  Never leave the baby alone in the bath or on a table. It takes a second for a baby to fall into the water or off a table. When reaching for something, keep a hand on the baby. Take your baby with you if you need something on the other side of the room.

●  Make sure the water temperature is correct before you put your baby in a bath. Never add warm or hot water when your baby is in the water.

●  Changing your baby’s diaper is a perfect time for sharing tender moments. As your baby looks up at you, talk or sing to them.

●  If you change your baby on a table, always keep one hand on the baby. It can take only a second for a baby to fall off a changing table.

●  Babies can get overheated or chilled more quickly than an adult, as babies’ bodies can’t control body temperature well. Feel the back of the baby’s neck to make sure they aren’t too cold or too warm.

●  In winter, keep your baby’s hands and feet covered and protect their face from the wind. Generally, your baby should have one more layer of clothing than you.

Care for yourself

Caring for a newborn is intense, and often means there's little time or energy for your own needs. If you can, get support from your friends and family or hire help!

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