Become More Productive with a More Positive Mind

Did you know that when you are feeling positive your brain becomes up to 31% more productive? 

Positivity broadens our minds which leads to a big payoff down the road. Positive emotions open our minds and broaden our perspective. Being positive helps us to notice the good, find solutions to our problems, and see and enjoy the big picture. It’s a mindset that affects the chemistry within our body and our brain. 

Simply changing the way you think about a given situation will help you to do and be more.

How to Make a Switch

Positivity is more than putting a smile on your face and looking on the bright side. It's about increasing positive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, not faking happiness.

One of the prominent scholars in the area of positivity is Barbra Fredrickson. She suggests, people who are struggling can shift to flourishing if their positivity ratio passes the threshold of 3:1. Three positive emotions that lift us for every one negative emotion that drags us down. 

Thinking about how you wish your spouse wasn’t so annoying? Follow it up with three things you love about them. 

Discouraged because you can’t seem to overcome a bad habit? Think about three changes you’ve made that are going well.  

Studies show this simple act can take you from being down and discouraged to becoming more positive and productive! 

Flourishing people are not just happier, but their entire mindset, their outlook, and even their way of being is different. Just like a healthy meal nourishes our bodies, positivity nourishes the brain and even speeds up the process of healing. It strengthens our immune system and the development and changes in the cells throughout our body. 

Avoid This Trap

Positivity is not about forcing yourself to feel positive all of the time. It’s more about creating a mindset that is generally positive. It’s about slowing down and enjoying the good in our lives. 

If we simply force ourselves to say “I’m going to be more positive” – it can backfire. This unrealistic push to just be happier can be toxic and unhealthy. 

As well, it’s important to recognize negative emotions when you have them. It’s normal to experience sadness when a loved one dies, to be upset when a child disobeys, or to feel fear if you’re alone in a scary or unfamiliar place. 

Three Easy Steps 

The principle is this: Positivity is intentional, it’s being mindful of what I’m experiencing, who I’m with, and focusing on the positive aspects of life. And somehow these magical moments add up and have a power that can change what we see and how we see it.

Next time you’re feeling negative, try these steps to turn yourself around:

  • Notice your physical surroundings.
  • Take a few deep breaths.
  • Honestly ask yourself: What’s right about my current circumstances? What makes me feel blessed or lucky to be where I am? What do I enjoy about right now?

Making time to ask yourself these questions and reflecting on the good in your life can bring humility and appreciation. 

Whether or not you experience positivity depends enormously on how you think. It depends on whether you slow down and make time to find the good, feel the good, then feed the good, and continue in the moment and let it grow.

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