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Our innovative AI-powered platform brings a world of possibilities to your fingertips, enabling unprecedented efficiency, improved client outcomes, easy access to clinical knowledge, and powerful therapeutic resource creation tools.

Mental Health Care Reimagined

Introducing our revolutionary Provider Assistant, Mia - a generative AI solution engineered to optimize the way your staff provides services.

By harnessing the power of AI, Mia empowers therapists to achieve more in less time, while improving outcomes.

Basic Features


Search our library of shareable courses, activities, and other resources.


Chat with the Assistant to discover solutions for supporting your clients.

Create Client Resources

Design personalized therapeutic tools for your clients.

Simplify Complex Concepts

Transform complex therapy concepts into plain language.

Clarify Diagnostic Criteria

Investigate DSM-compliant diagnostic criteria, treatments, and diagnostic tools.

Advanced Features

Formulate Treatment Plans

Get guidance in developing effective treatment plans.

Discover Activities and Interventions

Improve client outcomes by expanding your range of client-oriented activities and interventions.

Advance Your Knowledge

Learn best practices, interventions and clinical guidelines.

Enhance Your Therapeutic Approach

Augment your therapist skills and get answers to difficult situations.

Create Handouts and Worksheets

Develop personalized psychoeducational handouts and worksheets.

Empower Clients

With Remble, clients experience an enriched journey towards better mental health:
  • Support around the clock with our 24/7 AI chat, Mia.
  • An expansive library of science-backed therapeutic resources and activities.
  • Continuity of care.
  • Easy access to therapist-recommended resources and homework.

Powering Better Mental Health Care, Together

We offer partnerships with agencies, clinics, and practice groups.

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