Katie Fracalanza

Katie is a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor at Stanford University who specializes in helping people reduce anxiety, self-doubt, and people-pleasing.
Dr. Katie Fracalanza is a clinical psychologist and clinical assistant professor at Stanford University's School of Medicine (https://profiles.stanford.edu/katie-fracalanza). She has been providing therapy for people with anxiety disorders, OCD, stress and depression for more than a decade, and her role at Stanford is to train other providers in offering effective, compassionate therapy for anxiety and OCD. Dr. Fracalanza is the co-founder and director of a private practice clinic called the California Psychology Center which focuses on delivering the gold-standard treatments for anxiety, OCD and depression to children and adults. Dr. Fracalanza's research centers on optimizing strategies to help people overcome anxiety in therapy. She has published numerous research articles and book chapters on anxiety, and she is a contributor to various media outlets including Well+Good, Insider, The Zoe Report and Bustle. Dr. Fracalanza is passionate about making anxiety skills widely accessible to people through apps and other resources.