Catalina Lawsin

PhD, LPsych
Dr. Catalina is a psychologist that helps heal sexless relationships.
Dr. Catalina is the Intimacy Doc. Being a clinical health psychologist, professor, researcher and advocate over the last 22 years, she’s learned that true, authentic, pure intimacy and connection is not only what we all long for, but it is for our essential overall wellness. It is a basic human need. Connecting to our own primal needs and desires, and allowing ourselves to be everything of ourselves with another person ultimately deepens our knowing of self and who we are at the most genuine level. Yet somehow expressing this basic need has become shameful. For something so essential to our existence as a species, it is unsettling that such a sacred topic is considered too taboo to speak of openly. Catalina believes that by embracing and prioritizing our sexuality, we can break free from expectation and experience the transformation of holistic healing. It’s time we got real about the reality of sexuality. Because Catalina believes that regardless of who we love or where we came from, exponential bliss is our absolute birthright.