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Healthy relationships made simple

Guided Journeys
Video courses designed by therapists ranging from 1 to 21 days in length.
Therapeutic self-care practices
Care for your mind and body with daily practices like relationship conversations, meditation, breathwork, coping skills, journaling, and affirmations.
Daily Remble Videos
30-90 second videos featuring practical tips and practices from licensed therapists and mental health experts.

Guided Journeys

Do you need to recharge your relationship? With over 20 therapist-designed video courses ranging from 1 to 21 days in duration, you can learn the skills you need to improve your relationships and handle common relationship difficulties.
A few of our top Journeys include:
  • Communicating more effectively in your close relationships
  • Recharging and revitalizing your relationship
  • How to take your relationship off autopilot
  • Navigating conflict in healthy ways
  • How to plan the perfect date night
  • A couples guide to talking about money and financial issues
  • Befriending your inner critic
  • How to deal with jealous feelings in your relationship

Therapeutic Self-Care Practices

Care for your mind and body with daily practices, including:
  • Relationship conversations
    To thrive, couples need to build shared meaning. Use our hundreds of categorized relationship questions to spark meaningful conversations and bring you closer together.
  • Breathwork
    Tap into the power of your breath with guided video practices to achieve an elevated state of awareness, clarity, healing, and peace.
  • Coping Skills
    Learn practical skills and get quick relief from uncomfortable feelings and tough issues. 
  • Journaling
    Your private and encrypted Remble digital journal provides a safe place to examine your thoughts and feelings and find emotional healing.
  • Meditations
    Guided and unguided meditations that induce deep relaxation, heightened awareness, emotional healing, and a tranquil mind.
  • Affirmations
    Hundreds of brief, powerful statements that help you overcome self-defeating and negative thoughts, boost confidence, and encourage optimistic thinking.

Daily Remble Videos

Would quick tips and fresh perspectives better prepare you for your day? Visit Remble each day for the Daily Remble - a fresh collection of 30-90 second videos featuring helpful ideas, tips, and practices from licensed therapists and mental health experts. 

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